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The Adventures: About
The Adventures: About


The most adventurous packages

For those who love to spend time in nature, doing their favourite activities in crowd less locations. With a sailboat, we get access to an infinite coastline of abundant nature, which offer endless of opportunities to play in remote areas.

Being adventurous souls with a variety of professional experience in multiple sports, we can offer a handful of unforgettable adventures.

Surfing - wether you prefer to padle and catch your own waves, or if you wish to improve your riding skills by being towed into them, we can accommodate and bring you to any breaking wave on the planet.


Ski & Sail - this winter and spring, we will offer guided ski trips to some of Norway's best untouched powder, in both Lofoten and Sunnmørsalpene.

Freediving - for those with experience in Freediving, come join us or share your dream destination and let us take you there.

Flying - from coastal soaring with a paraglider, to wing suit flying in the fjords. For both the experienced, or the unexperienced in a tandem setup.

Base price starts at 7000 EUR per week, or 8000 EUR for 9 days, for up to 7 persons including skipper.



The family friendly adventure

For families and friends who prefers a stress free holiday away from crowed resorts, where everything is taken care of from start to finish.

This package is most suitable for 4 persons and includes the service with a private chef for three meals per day.

The weekly base price starts at 11.000 EUR, which includes skipper, all fuel and marina related fees, use of dinghy, jetski and other toys onboard. As food and drink preferences varies from guest to guest, the cost of food and drinks is additional to the base price.


Our most transformative and life changing adventure

Self development is an important topic in today's society and something we value in our own lives. With these packages, we want to offer groups a unique space for their own self development and inner healing.


The packages are customisable to each group and their preferences for which tools to use. We can offer multiple platforms with professional coaches, healers and instructors, or you can use the space to create your own camp with friends or clients.

The tools we can offer in secluded nature

  • Yoga and Mediation camps

  • Self development and "Human Ugrades" for athletes and businesses, who wish to enhance their personal performance and business strategies.

  • Inner healing retreats with various alternatives. 

Base price starts at 4000 EUR for 5 days for up to 6 persons. Cost of private chef and retreat packages is additional. Contact us via the booking page for more info.

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For those who simply want to sail

The Escape is a truly fun and powerful yacht to sail. With its tall rig of 25m and performance sails, she has a ton to offer those who want to progress and push their sailing experience to the next level. Her current speed record is 16.2 knots, which we will challenge you to break.

We offer multi day sail trips on various legs and crossings, depending on location and adventures booked. This is a great opportunity for those who want to learn more about sailing, or who simply wants to enjoy time onboard for a lower price.

The price varies from location to duration, but it averages at about 1000-1400 EUR per person for 4 days, which often includes a private chef. Check the "Short Escapes" page for upcoming sail trips. 

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